Lisa Denyer installation image at Kir Royal Gallery Madrid 2017.jpg

My practice looks at the contrast between the slow, considered process of painting against the sensory influence of daily life, and how contemporary painting deals with those dualities. The work relates to the body, the physical world, the transient nature of city living, the virtual, and the relationship we have with the spaces we inhabit.

The compositions are developed using collage, with a visual language of simple shape and line. Geometric elements are tested in variations before the composition is intuitively set in a dialogue with spontaneous, painterly brushstrokes.

My choice of materials and diminutive size of the supports reflects the solidity and objecthood of paintings. The surfaces are dense and weighty; heavy plywood, panel, and sandpaper. These are selected for their textual qualities and their ability to withstand multiple layers of paint. The handling of paint and the interaction between the medium and the raw surface upon which it is applied remains a primary consideration in my practice.